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Giant Jaffa Cakes [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Giant Jaffa Cakes

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My first few attempts at Giant Jaffa Cakes. [Jan. 1st, 2010|03:45 pm]
Giant Jaffa Cakes

used pretty much the same recipe, since I had got the recipe from a friend, and have been refining it ever since.

1 storebought flan case, 12 inch diameter (Elerts large flan base from Tesco was my choice)
2 packs of orange Jelly
1 pint of orange juice (I prefer Sanguinello to give the "orangey bit" a colour closer to that of an actually Jaffa cake rather than the yellow standard OJ gives)
200 to 400 grams of dark chocolate (I have found that Bournville gives a nice balance between sweetness and bitterness due to is moderate cocoa content.)
Double cream (I have used 4 differing amounts on the 3 cakes I've made, and the best for texture, but worst for looks was around 50 ml of cream to a 200g bar, this gave the cracking effect and the thinness needed to be easily cuttable by a knife. But I only made this because I had already used a mixture of around 200ml to 200g on the same cake and it was so thin you could see the orange jelly showing through the chocolate. (but this did have the effect, that when finished the lower level of chocolate did not set entirely, especially the half touching the jelly, so you bit through the crisp top layer of chocolate then your teeth melted through the second, richer layer before coming to the orangey goodness))

Before I continue I shal say that I have just bought a flan tin so I can make my own bases because every time I've used the flan case as a base it has been too soft.

1 make Jelly to instructions on back, substituting OJ for water, and adding the second pack of jelly. (Normally 100ml of OJ mixed with Jelly in a microwavable bowl, high power for maybe a minute. Then pour in the rest of the pint of cold OJ to cool it down, to set faster.)
Line the inside of a round caketin, about 9inch internal diameter, with clingfilm(plastic wrap) and pour in the jelly to set into a disc.
Once set place in middle of base (if using the Elert's base the disc should touch the ridge all the way round, it looks best if the ridge is removed first)
using a double boiler melt the chocolate and cream together, don't keep stiring the mixture, this will cause it to become harder to work with.
Depending on cream amount either pour the mixture onto the centre of the jelly, or spoon it on and spread with a spatula.
Serve with more cream.

I apologise for the confusing way I've written this, it was written without forethought or editing.
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NEW WORLD RECORD!!! [Jun. 12th, 2006|10:53 pm]
Giant Jaffa Cakes

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I have just made 3 giant jaffa cakes in one hour and eighteen minutes (with the help of my manslave whom I always let lick the spoons when we're finished).

Only one problem the manslave has to transport one of the Jaffa Cakes across town on a bus and the chocolate has not yet solidified! *eek*
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wee jaffa cakes [Jun. 12th, 2006|06:37 pm]
Giant Jaffa Cakes

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My mother appears to have re-classed Jaffa Cakes as fruit. We found a packet of them on among the fruit bowl. Does this mean they count as one of the 5 fruit and veg per day???
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WOOT! [Jun. 9th, 2006|09:41 pm]
Giant Jaffa Cakes

[mood |bouncybouncy]

I have my first commission to make a giant jaffa cake. What should I demand as payment?
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(no subject) [Jun. 7th, 2006|08:04 pm]
Giant Jaffa Cakes

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Hello! Welcome to giantjaffacakes. When I get round to it I'll post up the recipe and perhapssome jaffa cake reviews.
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